The Honeymoon: You Better Belize it!

Hey Buds!

We got back about a week ago from our honeymoon in Belize and I’m still salty that it’s over. We had such an amazing time, which honestly surprised me because it was NOT  our typical vacation. We are the type of couple who is broke AF, so we like to “take advantage” of every situation. For example, “We’re in Europe right now, might as well visit every single country during this 30 day span to take advantage of the fact that we’re already here.” Hahah then we seriously go for it! And although you do get to do/see a lot, it can really take a toll on you because you are CONSTANTLY, and I mean connnnnstantly on the move, and it just takes so much planning that it almost becomes work instead of a vacation.

So for this trip, we just went with the flow. There were literally days where we just rocked in hammocks on the beach, ate 3 great meals, and called it a day. Literally did nothing else. But, I loved every second of it.

Jumping into it though, our trip lasted a total of 8 days and 7 nights. We flew out of Tampa International Airport with Southwest, using the points we’d accumulated. For our trip we decided to be as authentic and local-like as possible, so we stayed in airbnbs and didn’t do a rental car. We started our trip in San Ignacio and spent 2 nights.


Here we visited the Cahal Pech and the Xunantunich Mayan ruins. We walked to Cahal Pech, and our airbnb host gave us a ride to Xunantunich. Both were super impressive.




From San Ignacio, we took several busses to Hopkins. Here we ran into a bit of a snag when our airbnb host turned out to be a liar…… so we stayed with a different host last minute. It worked out though because the location was right on the beach, they also ran a bike rental shop, and our location was walkable to good restaurants and shops.





We were in Hopkins for 3 nights, and were 100% beach bums the entire time, but it was still great.




We also got to see the traditional drumming of the Garifuna people (a black tribe located in this area), which was pretty dope.

Lastly, from Hopkins we took several more busses up to Belize City, as that’s where our flight was. We spent 2 nights there before returning back to the states. Our first night, we just got Indian food (which later destroyed our stomachs smh) and relaxed back at our Airbnb, as it’s not recommended to walk around at night.

The next day, we took a water taxi to one of the local islands, Caye Caulker. It was just a 45 min boat ride over.


The food was great, the people were so kind, and best of all it was NOT a tourist trap. Everyone wants to go to San Pedro island which is a bit further, but it’s bigger and there’s more to do. We didn’t care one bit since we were on our new “go with the flow” vibe lol, and opted for the smaller, closer island. NO regrets.

That’s our Belize trip in a nutshell! One of the things that made it so great was that the people there are truly kind. Also the food. THE FOOOOD. Let’s have a moment of silence for the delicious Belizean cuisine.


Everyone went out of there way to help us and ensure that we enjoyed ourselves. I felt safe 99% of the time. I also loved the diversity! The linguist in me was just blown away by the level of trilingualism, and how cool it was too see 3 different groups (Indigenous, European, African) all mixed together to form one group. It was like everyone just mixed with everyone, and I loved that.

I really hope we get to go back some day. 7 days is 100% not enough!

Until next time!

Thanks for reading and remember, sharing never hurt nobody!

P.s. Check out the vlog to our trip! I’ve been wanting to try this whole “vlog” thing for sometime, so that when I’m old and crusty I can go back and revel in my youth haha! It was my first time filming so be gentle hahaha!


-S ❤

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