Marc Anthony en Vivo and a Weekend in Orlando

This past Sunday I was able to check off one of the many items on my bucket list – seeing Marc Anthony live!

When I tell you that my excitement leading up to this day was through the roof, that is not an exaggeration. Yet, it seemed like the universe was trying to conspire against me (as effing usual).

On Friday, we drove down from Talla-nasty to Orlando planning to spend the weekend there, having some good couple time. If you’re in grad school with a partner, you know you have to schedule these things because your lives are just so packed and overloaded with school.

Pues, as poor grad students, we obviously opped for an Airbnb as opposed to a hotel. But of course it has it’s drawbacks. After, driving 4 hours we arrived to the apartment only to find ourselves locked out because the key didn’t work. Apparently the owner left the wrong key and was driving back to Orlando from D.C….. So basically we were about to be out on the street.

To resolve the situation, the owner offered to let us stay with her neighbor who also did Airbnb. We agreed since we didn’t have any other options but bruh, after seeing that place I would’ve rather stayed in my car. The sheets were dirty, the floor was dirty, the toilet was dirty, the owner was dirty! Pero, liiiikeeeeeee we didn’t even know what to do. We made little cocoons out of our clothes and just “slept” (attempted to not contact scabies) until morning and peaced out as soon as the sun came up.

When we checked into our real airbnb, things started to look up.




All of my foodie tastes were satisfied.


And then. I went to the concert. I’d never been to a salsa concert before but it was AMAZING #allcaps. All of the songs he sang were on my list of favorites (except one).

#Awkward #BathroomPic #KindaCute



He opened up with Hector Lavoe who is my second favorite after Marc Anthony, and it was gawwdddly!

(Waiiiit. That voice doeeeee)

Towards the end of the concert I started to get depressed because 1. I obviously did not want it to end, 2. I wanted everyone else to shut up and scram so that Marc #firstnamebasis could sing directly to me and 3. I DIDN’T WANT IT TO END. I could literally listen to that voice forever and I’d easily give my first born kid to have that happen #sorrynotsorry

So, it’s safe to say que #MueroPorÉl

I will proceed to start saving up for the next two years so that I can afford front row seats and the meet and greet package.

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