Race in the United States: Why I will probably be getting my black behind out of here ASAP

Ok, so like I’m not usually a negative Nancy ……. actually that’s exactly what I am 99.9% of the time, but anyways, I can’t help but to be extra negative when it comes to race relations in the U.S. Like everyone else, I’ve hopped on the bandwagon and watched “13th” on Netflix, and the little hope I had for things to get better some day in the far far faaaaarrrr away future diminished. Thus, since lists are what dictate my life as a grad-student, I will proceed to list for you all why in my opinion, the future of our country is dire and bleak.

  1. Although I am someone who seeks out knowledge on the racial inequalities that affect the daily lives (sometimes taking those same lives) of so many minorities in the U.S…… I’m not really the one who needs to be doing that research. Ya know what I mean? I live through the inequalities, and there’s nothing like hands on experience. The people who actually point the finger at minorities don’t usually want to uncover any truths that could change their entire way of seeing the world. I mean it’s scary. You grew up thinking you and your peeps were good and minorities and their peeps are bad, violent, lazy, mooch off the government, drug dealers and my faaavorite – “thugs.” It would be pretty life changing to realize that that was/is all one big fat lie. Muuuuch easier to just blame us and tell us to work harder.
  2. Because there are many racist people all over the U.S., many who don’t even realize it, it’s not like we can just wait for them to all die and then racism will miraculously disappear. Hate is taught. It’s not an inherent characteristic. Babies do not discriminate (although some do discriminate against Trump… just saying).donald-trump-baby-2 So as long as there are racists, there is a high chance that they will teach their children these same ideas and beliefs. We can just hope and pray that their kids will see the light by traveling the world or something like that. But, prooobably not.
  3. There are so many systematic forms of racism that the majority of people don’t know about, how could they possibly be changed? It’s like you never go in your basement because it’s scary as shit with a billion spiders, so you don’t know that there’s a huge crack in your water tank, and there are rats eating your electric cables, and there are termites eating the wood foundation of your house (not sure why your foundation would be made out of wood thoooo…) and the boogie man who comes out and terrorizes you in your sleep. You’re leading this miserable life, with cold water, a wobbily house, horrible nightmares, your lights randomly turn on and off and you just don’t know why. Or, who do you even call? AND I forgot to mention that the house was inherited by you from your aunt who passed away. You didn’t even want the house but the bank made you keep it because no one else wanted it…) So what do you do? You adapt and accept that this is your life. That’s just the way things are, and you move on. (While your neighbor next door, who is 5 years older with 3 kids and a dog, looks 10 years younger than you and is leading this fabulous life) That’s what racial inequality is like for many. We notice something is wrong, we feel it, but we just can’t quite put our finger on it. So we accept that that’s just the way things are for us, and move on.

I’m tired of settling though. I’m very tired of tiptoeing around issues so that I don’t make others feel uncomfortable. News flash, I’m put in uncomfortable situations everyday and I have no choice but to deal with them. Like the time I was at a red light and a car full of white guys pulled up beside me and started to play some song that went like this

“nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga. I’m a mother fuckin nigga”

And when I looked, like “who the heck is playing such a dumb song?” they were all staring at me and one even proceeded to wave. If I didn’t already have a headache, I’m not sure I would’ve stopped myself from ripping them a new asshole. Lucky for them.

But hey, that’s life right? We put ourselves in these situations right? Trayvon Martin shouldn’t have been walking at night with a hoodie right? Eric Garner shouldn’t have been selling cigarettes right? Tamir Rice shouldn’t have been playing with a fake gun right?

Pretty much we all just shouldn’t have … been… right? Because that’s the message I get from this country.


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