I’m a Big Girl Now!

I remember having a conversation with a friend who'd just gotten her first academic job last year, and I remember her mentioning that it felt so lonely! And for some reason, I kind of glossed over that comment at the time. "I make friends easily, I'll be fine!", I thought. But something to consider is that when you've been a student for like... 24 years, you get used to making friends in an environment that's freaking conducive to making friends! You're put in a cohort with people from a similar age group, who study the same thing, and therefore have similar-ish interests. In the real world (not the fairy tale-school fiction version of life), that is not the case!

Identity crisis… existential questions during cuarentena

To further complicate the identity mierda, I was also 18 the first time I went to Puerto Rico; but, I've been so many times that I've literally lost track. My husband's Puerto Rican, I've been given an honorary Puerto Rican/Caribbean card by several Puerto Ricans, including my suegra. I speak Spanish fluently and have a slight Caribbean accent when doing so, I worship Marc Anthony and Hector Lavoe, my favorite dessert is flan, favorite music genere is probably reggaeton (#rachetontheinside)... así que..... What the heck am I?

Healthy Living & Adulting.. Can they go together?

Hey buds! Check me out consistently posting, and what not (yasss Sherez! Good Job!). Anyways lol, I wanted to post a couple of tips I use to remain active and healthy during graduate school. But don't worry, even if you're not in grad school, these tips can still work for you! During my undergrad, I …

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