What it means to be Natural for a Black Woman (a post for my white people)

~Sometimes I think about how the #naturalhairmovement has grown so rapidly and has become something so huge over the past few years. It literally makes me so happy to see black women reclaim themselves by not being ashamed of the hair that grows naturally from their head. Black women are probably one of the most, if not THE most oppressed and mistreated groups on the face of this planet. We are constantly stereotyped as noisy, aggressive, lazy, ignorant, “ghetto” – whatever that means, etc. etc. etc. followed by the constant cultural appropriation by non-women of color ranging from full lips being associated with Kylie Jenner and Angelina Jolie, large bottoms with Kim Kardashian, cornrows and braids also with Kim Kardashian, and the list goes on. It literally sets my soul on fire (in a negative way) when these things are only viewed as chic when they are adorned by non-people of color. It’s a bit sickening.

So. This post is for non-women of color who do not seem to understand the importance of the natural hair movement or try to appropriate it into their own culture.

It is important when a black woman decides to go natural because she is deciding to send the European beauty standard of straight flowing locks to hell.

She no longer cares that every time she opens a magazine, turns on the tv or reads a book, the women who are portrayed as beautiful do not resemble her. (If you don’t believe me, try searching “wedding,” “bride,” “womens’ fashion” on Pinterest and tell me what appears… if your feeling more daring, search “acceptable vs. non-acceptable hair styles” on google)

She has decided to embrace the thing that grows naturally from her scalp when she has been told that it is unruly, unprofessional, ugly, nappy, untamed, dirty, ghetto, and the list goes on. I promise.

Yes, many women who are white face pressure to straighten their hair but it is not nearly the same type of pressure. When you don’t straighten your hair and leave it in its ‘natural’ state, people do not stare at you, they do not ask to touch your hair, you are not sent home from work or worse FIRED because your hair is “unruly.” You do not feel like you or your race is inferior because you could not and never will be able to emulate perfectly that which is the standard of beauty in our society today.

So please, do not try to undermine or disregard the importance of the #naturalhairmovement. It is crucial to the black community for our development as a people to posses self love and confidence.

P.S. Never ask if you can “touch it.” Think of how you’d feel if black people constantly asked to touch your hair when you didn’t blow dry or straighten it.~

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