Un cafecito pá’ cuándo … My 5 Fav Coffee Shops in Puerto Rico

Hey buds!

If you follow me on instagram you probably guessed that I loveeee coffee. I mean, I do have an entire highlight dedicated to it on my page, and every time I drop by a coffee shop and they make me a delicious, creamy, aromatic latte or cappuccino, I just have to snap a pic LOL.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 26 years old! I tried a cappuccino with homemade whipped cream at Urban Food Market and since then I’ve been hooked!

If I could describe my coffee taste/preference, I’d say I only drink the good stuff. Mochas, mochaccinos, lattes, cappuccinos, etc. I REFUSE to drink that crap coffee that they sell at gas stations … and Dunkin Donuts.

At first, I just thought I was a coffee snob. But then I went to Puerto Rico and got coffee from a gas station for $1, and I realized I’m not a coffee snob. Americans are just SHIT at making good coffee. I hate to say it, but it’s just not our thing.

For some reason, when you go to Puerto Rico and Italy (I can only speak for those two countries bc I haven’t tried coffee in the other countries I’ve been to), you can get coffee from the dustiest place and it tastes like your best latte at the most expensive coffee shop here in the states.

WTF man. That shit has me soooo salty. Here, I need to shell out between $4-$6 for a good coffee, while in Puerto Rico I can get great quality coffee for $1. Liiiiiiike I don’t get it.

So, without further a’rant, here are my top 5 favorite coffee shops in Puerto Rico. Clearly I took advantage and drank as much as I could while I was there this past summer. I knew my ass would not be able to buy a mocha for $2.50 over here… So I bought about 50 of them over there … to make up for the price difference, obviouslyyyyy!

1. Cuatro SombrasIMG_5415

Cuatro Sombras is located in Old San Juan. The prices are a bit high for Puerto Rico, but that’s natural since it’s located in a super touristy location. The coffee there is so delicious. Not bitter at all. You barely notice you’re drinking coffee until about 20 mins later when you have an extra pep in you step. The quality of the coffee + the dopeness of being in Old San Juan makes this one of my favorite places.

2. Finca CialitosDSC02846

Also in Old San Juan. Finca Cialitos is a tiny bit cheaper than Cuatro Sombras. It doesn’t even look like a cafe from the outside. So keep an eye out or you just might miss it. The interior decor is great. The style is hipster with a hint of botanical. They also feature a lot of local art work and cool design pieces. And, since it’s less known than Cuatro Sombras, you rarely have to wait for your “cafecito.”

3. ArropeDSC03049 2

Next up is Arrope. Located in Rio Piedras right outside of the University of Puerto Rico, this cafe is suuuuper hipster and always bustling with students. They offer free wifi (which is not the norm in Puerto Rico) and they also serve great food for breakfast lunch and dinner. One major pro is that the prices there are sooo cheap. Mochas and other latte type drinks are around $2.50, including Puerto Rico’s 11.5% tax! TBH, it’s my favorite coffee place in PR, taking into consideration price and quality. I could drink their mochas all day. Side note, their desserts are to DIE for.

4. Café con Alma


Located in San Juan, Café con Alma, or “coffee with soul” captivated me with its environment. The inside is so cute and quaint. Not quite hipster but very artisan. I believe the owner is from Colombia and she’s incorporated these adorable little artisan pieces from there into her cafe. There’s also a cool community library section where you give a book to take a book.




5. Bistro Café

Last up is Bistro Café. If you want to be blown away by amazing food and beautiful looking coffee, you have to go to Bistro Café. Located in Isla Verde, Bistro Café is the known spot to “brunchear” (the verb “to brunch” in Spanish LOL… It’s a real thing, eff the RAE). The food is so great here I’m not even going to elaborate because I’ll just get salty that I can’t eat there everyday.

The coffee…. man. You can get a mocha that has Nutella around the rim of the cup with oreo pieces. … Oh, and you can get it in pink, blue, with glitter… the possibilities are endless.

This place is so good that many Puerto Rican celebrities frequent there.

The prices are naturally a bit more steep, but I still say it’s wayyy cheaper than brunching at a fancy restaurant in the states. That delicious mocha I mentioned, only costs about $4. In the states, any time you add Nutella and/or oreos, you better be prepared to add another $2-3 easy!

Bistro Café is definitely one of my favorite places for coffee, and it might be my favorite place to brunch!


DSC03016 2


So that’s it! My top 5 favorite coffee places in Puerto Rico! 5 down, a million more to try every time I go back lol.

If you’re ever in Puerto Rico, check them out.

And as always, sharing is caring ❤

Until next time!

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