New Year, New Resolutions… in February

Hey guys! I have been m.i.a. for a WHILE… I’m pretty sure I should start all of my blog posts with that line because it is so hard to write consistently when you are a graduate student. Every time I sit down to write a blog post, I start feeling guilty because I KNOW I have school work to do, or things to do around the house, etc. But this year, I’m really, like REALLY, determined to change that. Which is exactly why I’m sitting here writing this post today.

After I got married, I posted about who I am, and who I want to be. Reflecting on that and other things in my life, I came up with a list (because I am a certified lister, lol) of things I want to work on this year. I could lie and say I’m posting my resolutions a month late because I wanted to be unique, but let’s be real. January was a hell of a month lol.


Also, I’m trying something different where I don’t just make yearly goals. I’m trying to do smaller, more attainable, monthly goals. Sometimes, for me at least, setting goals for an entire year, or for a really long time gives me an excuse to procrastinate. I’ll tell myself, “nah you got time! what you didn’t do this week/month, you can make it up the next one!” This miiiiiight just be one of the reasons we sometimes fall short with our resolutions and goals. So without further adieu, here are my big goals and resolutions for 2019!

1. Be present for those are important to me.

In a society where it’s so easy to NOT be present because we have so many distractions and so much shit to do, I’m going to work on toning it down, and tuning out the background noise, so that I can be present for the important people in my life. Myself included.


2. Sleep more.

Although it’s slightly comical, I definitely want to sleep more in 2019. I’d really like to step my nap game up. I get in bed fairly early. Usually around 10:15/10:30. But then it takes me like two hours to fall asleep, and I also ALWAYS have to wake up to potty, my cats like to cause a ruckus, etc. So most mornings I wake up not feeling even remotely well rested. So what do we do to try and fix that? Ignore the tiredness and push on, or drink a ton of coffee. Neither of those things can replace sleep, though.

3. Be mindful and meditate.

I know, I know. This seems to be all the rage right now with “millennials.” But TBH every person I’ve met who is a meditator, is calm and unstressed AF! And I’m also tryna be calm and unstressed AF. LOL.  Part of the reason it takes me so long to sleep is because I have a wandering mind. I’m always thinking of the things I have to do the next day, what I didn’t do, that I was supposed to do the previous day, etc. All of which, is a recipe for sleepless nights, and wrinkles, and I’m not about that life.

IMG_0613Some ways I plan to be present, sleep more, and be mindful, is through journaling and blogging. One tip I’ve seen everywhere about how to calm a wandering mind, is to keep a notebook next to your bed. At night, when you’re trying to sleep but you keep thinking of all the things you have to do the next day, write it down! I started this last month and it was a real game changer.

If you’re also struggling with mindfulness or meditating, here are two books I’m using. The first is in Spanish, and it’s about mindfulness. The second is in English, about meditation, mindfulness, inner peace, etc. The second one was recommended to me by a friend who lived in Vietnam… it doesn’t get more zen than that lol.

4. Spend less, reuse more.

I was inspired by someone I recently met. It was one of those encounters where you’re like “wow, me and this person vibe HARD.” We were definitely sisters in a past life time lol. But on New Year’s Eve, she posted a pic of her outfit, like we all do. But in the caption, she mentioned that it was the same outfit she used before! “GASP!” Now you know that we alllll go shopping for the perfect outfit, with the perfect shoes and accessories, blah blah. But why? I couldn’t tell you, but I’m notorious for it. So just like my sister from another life time, I’m going to be reusing a lot of what I already have. I have some super cute clothes that I’ve only wore once (the price tag was not super cute thoooo).

Top, 3 years old. Skirt 2 years old ❤

So instead of constantly buying new things, I’m gonna just reuse what I have. I’m also about to Marie Kondo the shit out of my wardrobe, because if it doesn’t “spark joy,” I don’t want it.

Image result for marie kondo gif

5. Be healthy to be healthy, not skinny.

I’ve been skinny pretty much my whole life. I’ve also been healthy my whole life because I’ve always done sports, enjoyed going to bed early, and I just naturally like a lot of healthy foods. But as I get older and am no longer involved in some sort of major athletics, I realized I’ve gotten lost along the way and I focus more on being skinny and maintaining the body I used to have, than I do on being healthy. It’s ok to work towards a certain body type! But I think the priority should be health. As we get older (I’m almost 30, guys!) we haveeeee to take care of ourselves.

To be healthier, I have a goal of running 5 days a week (one of those being a gym day), one day of yoga, and one day of rest. I love doing cardio and strengthening my heart and lungs. Running is also a great antidepressant, and it helps me to regulate my sleeping. Yoga is great for your mind, muscle strength, and if it’s hot yoga, you sweat out a ton of toxins. Apart from exercise, I want to cut out meat, once a week, and drink at least 2 (16oz) bottles of water a day. I can go an entire day without drinking a glass of water, which is horrible. So I’m starting small.


There you have it my friends. The top 5 things I’m aiming to do/improve this year! I’ve seen a lot of people expressing a lot of annoyance at New Year’s resolutions lol, but I think they’re good. Even if people don’t stick to them, they do show that we all realize we have work to do! And that, is definitely a start.

So what are your resolutions?

And if you have resolutions, I’m wishing you the fuerza to stick to them!

Until next time.

And don’t forget, sharing is caring ❤


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