Madrid: The city where I partied just a bit too hard

Madrid. Is. Awesome.

I don’t know if it’s because of the area I was in, or if it was because I was in great company but I fully enjoyed my two measly days there and I’d love to go back for a longer time. But maybe not because I don’t want the city to lose it’s magic. NPR did a podcast episode on memory. Long story short, when you have a memory that strongly impacts you (a death, a wedding, childbirth, a really good time, etc.), it’s engraved in your brain FOREVAH. EXCEPT (!) the more you recall the memory, the more you dramatize it and the final result is a bit altered from what actually happened. …. I thought that was cool….. But anyways, I’m sure I’ve dramaticized the shit out of Madrid at this point.

So we arrived around 9:30pm after the 8 hour bus ride (barf) from Barcelona, grabbed some delicious food and went to the apartment. Since we got there so late, the only thing really left to do was party. Obviously. So we pregamed, playing Pim-Pam-Pum (a sure-fire way to get drunk and die), met some cool people from around the world (Lebanon, Poland, Peru and Ecuador) and headed out to “paint the town” as the young whippersnappers say (more like the old whippersnappers).

This was my club routine –> Shot, dance dance dance, pee, repeat from midnight until 3:30 am. So I’d say there were about 4 shots taken (vodka, rum, rum, tequila = death btw. DON’T DO IT TO YOURSELF, especially if you are an old washed up grad student like me) in addition to the wine AND beer drank during the pregame.

I had a great time with great people but it’s safe to say that I reached my party quota for the summer after that night.

We were so beat up we didn’t leave the house until 4pm the next day.

So there’s that.

After eating crackers and bland bread until my stomach could recover we of course ate at KFC because I’m black and I can eat fried chicken under any circumstance : ) (lol)

The following day we were able to be functioning adults and hit some cool touristic sites; Plaza Mayor, the Real Madrid Stadium, Temple of debod, Palacio Real, Mercado de San Miguel, Buen Retiro Park, and some other stuff that I looked pretty cool but I’m not sure what it was called or if it only looked cool to me because I’m a naive tourist who thinks everything is magical from graffiti to bird poop.

OHHHHHH snap! I was about to end this post when I remembered OBAMA (yes the president) was around the corner from our apartment. And when I say around the corner I literally mean, make a left out of the apartment and then a right and BOOM Obama was just chillin in some official building. Of course, you couldn’t get within 1 billion feet of him because, duh. But it was still pretty cool to be breathing the same air as my homie.

On that note, I’ll wrap it up ❤

Next up: Rome and Milan: A must visit if you’re a black woman and want to be treated like a reina

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