Bienvenidos a Barcelona … I mean Badalona! Same thing, right? WRONG

Ladies and gentlemen I am in SPAIN! The “patria!” What a feeling!
Ok so I’ll stop with the exclamations now and tell you how I really feel.
But first, a little break down of my trip.

I’m here as an au-pair, meaning that I am living with a family and I teach English to their kids while the parents are working. I’m pretty much an international babysitter. It’s a pretty sweet gig if you like (or at least, don’t mind) children. Here’s why:

I live with a family for FREE (couldn’t get more culturally imeressed than that.)

I have my own room and bathroom.

I get more than 3 free meals a day.

They pay me 50-60 euros weekly which actually pays for a plane ticket or train ride to           go to other countries or other cities in Spain on the weekend. Since I don’t pay for                   room or board.

Living Area
My Room


Tortilla Española (feft), Ensalada con Pollo y Aceitún (middle) y Jamón Cerrano (right)

If you’re convinced by now as you should be, here’s the website I used to book everything and meet the family :  One of my students is currently doing it also!

But of course my friends, there was/ a catch.

So the family told me that they live in BARCELONA. But we left the airport and drove through the actual city of Barcelona and continued on for another 15-20 minutes and arrived at a town on the outskirts of Barcelona called BADALONA. I was a bit upset because I’ve heard so much about Barcelona and I wanted to be in a place that screamed “cultural richness” with amazing architecture and history. But instead, I ended up here – a residential area oIMG_0269n the beach that’s “family friendly” yet somehow littered with graffiti.

That’s how I felt this morning. Like ‘woe is me.’ Yet, after going on a run through the city this evening I discovered that there’s much more here than my first impression let me believe. Walk just a mile down the road and you’ll find small family run shops, homemade ice cream joints, old churches (the architecture I was craving), outdoor bars lined with those cozy christmas tree lights and much more that I am sure I haven’t discovered yet. Also, there’s an H&M in walking distance sooooooo.
Also, I asked reality to slap me in the face because I was being such a brat and ungrateful for this experience when a lot of  people don’t ever get to leave their home town. I live on the beach AND we have a private pool for our complex and private restaurants (that aren’t expensive) as well.


Now that I’ve tasted a bit of what this city has to offer put my bratty pants away, I can’t stop planning excursions to discover more. Another sweet little bonus is that our house is located about a 5 minute walk from the metro and bus stations that can take me to BARCELONA in about 15-20 minutes, and my host mom was awesome enough to buy me a metro card with 25 trips on it. So, Barcelona. Here. I. Come.





Next up: Paris for the weekend. Bonjur!

4 Replies to “Bienvenidos a Barcelona … I mean Badalona! Same thing, right? WRONG”

  1. I’m glad you are safe! Sounds like you have an amazing deal with your host family. Lots of places to travel on the weekends too! I can’t wait to read your blogs on the cities you get to visit! xoxo Pert

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