The Detrimental Push of Society: One must finish what one starts

Feature image taken by Liset Cruz García

I know it’s not just an American thing because I have plenty of Latino friends who’ve gone through the same thing. It’s this notion that, once you start something you must finish it NO MATTER WHAT (insert the scary background dun dun dun music here). But in all honestly, this is probably one of the most detrimental things you can tell to a person.

“Well, you already started walking off this cliff so keep on going.”

“You’ve already started burning that pasta, keep burning it. You can’t stop now! You have see it through to its most burnt crispiest, charcoal-iest point damn it! You’re a failure if you don’t!”

Ok obviously those are the situations that would never happen, buttttttt they put things into perspective. So let’s change gears to relate this to a career.

I’ll let you in on a secret that only my boyfriend knows. I am EXTREMELY whimsical and I’m going to change the definition a bit.

‘Whimsical: Adjective. Meaning to do many things on a whim. (Shewebster’s Dictionary)’

So I get these urges to follow my dreams, and I have many dreams. Famous chef, wedding planner, curly hair dresser, fashion designer, photographer, and somewhere on that list is linguist lol.

So long story short, over the summer I tried out one of my dreams as a curly hair stylist. And let me tell you, I did not half ass it. I printed business cards and flyers, reached out to groups on Facebook, the wholeeeeee 9. I had a small clientele and everything. But you know what? I HATED it. First of all, I hate people. So having to make small talk for hours really made me want to rip my soul out and feed it to Satan himself. My fingers hurt all the time. And oh. let’s not forget the one crucial detail. I never went to beauty school. I was under the assumption that after spending hours of my life on YouTube watching curly hair videos I’d be fine. Nopeee.

So you know what I did? I stopped, and I did not look back. Tried it. Invested money and time into it. Didn’t like it. OH WELL.

This is just a mild example. People can invest years into something and realize they don’t like it. Who cares! It takes so much courage to get deep into something, invest time, money and energy and say “You know what? This isn’t for me. This doesn’t make me happy and it’s time to move on.”

Unfortunately, since society dictates so much of what is acceptable and what isn’t, we shame people for … deciding to do what they like/ inversely, stopping what they did not like.

So my friends, I ask you to start to change the narrative. Instead of shaming people, we should ALWAYS be encouraging others to do what makes them happy and at peace. Whether they discover that at 20, 50 or 100 years old. We all move to the beat of our own drum. And that is fucking ok.

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