Is it possible to be underwhelmed and blown away at the same time? That’s the only way I can describe Italy. I was only there for a short time, 2.5 days in Rome and 1 day in Milan and I fully believe that if I were to spend more time there that I would’ve loved it. Unfortunately when such little time is spent, each memory is able to stick out prominently. This is great if all are good, but if not, one bad memory can easily taint the entire experience.

So let me start with Rome. This is where I felt amazed. There is nothing that I’ve ever seen that is as impressive as the Roman Forum. I spent about 2 hours wandering around there and I’m sure I didn’t see everything. I just couldn’t go on in that blazing heat and of course there wasn’t even one cloud in the sky to offer a bish some shade. But at the same time, it was great that there were fresh water fountains everywhere so I’d just dunk my entire life in that water to cool off for a good 5 minutes until the sun completely dried and started to fry me again.

The Colosseum was also incredible and I was transported right back to the gladiator age. I loved it but I think I would’ve loved more if I wasn’t so worn out from the forum. I even found myself thinking “this ish is a circle, I don’t need to walk around the whoooole thing do I? I mean I’m sure it’s symmetrical and it’ll be the same on the other side.” LOL who even thinks that when they’re inside the COLOSSEUM. Apparently me.

The rest of the day was filled with gelato, pizza and basilicas.

The following day I walked to the Vatican museum. This is where the trip started to go a bittttt downhill with those random experiences that taint the whole trip.

I wasn’t aware that there was a dress code, but me personally going to a famous church I decided to dress “modestly” (well what I THOUGHT was modest). I wore a romper that stopped just above the knees and some sandals. I mean it was like 100 degrees and everyone knows that hot and sweaty Sherez is also evil, mean bish Sherez. So I was not about to wear long sleeves for anyone, even the Pope (jk to all my religious friends haha). So after waiting in this never ending line of hell in the blazing heat I finally get to the entrance only to be turned away by the guards b/c my clothing was too revealing. Since when are bare kneecaps revealing the goods? So many colorful words filled my brain in that moment, but I kept it together and remained respectful. I really wanted to be snarky and ask “WWJD?” but I don’t think they would’ve got the joke. So I left and went to try to find a street vendor selling something to cover me b/c I’m sure I wasn’t the least modestly dressed person to try and enter the museum that day.

Fast forward to 3 euros spent, take two in the line from hell, 10 shades blacker from the sun and you have me once again at the entrance. I was ready. I was hype. Like Yass I’m about to go inside such a historic place. But no, this time a different guard tells me that not only do my knees need to be covered but ALSO my shoulders. I just stood there for sometime because I didn’t think it would be the best idea to end up in an Italian jail for murdering a guard at the Vatican. Although I refrained from killing him, I couldn’t hold back the snarky remarks.

So I left. AGAIN.

I thought about not going back and going somewhere else instead. But I had come sooo far and paid the stupid 3 euros which I would’ve much rather spent on gelato. So I caved and spent another 3 euros (another gelato lost) on a cover for my shoulders. I cut the entire line, not giving two rats asses about upsetting anyone, walked up to the guard, gave my best eyeroll and finally entered. It was beautiful to say the least. But, because of all the time wasted trying to enter, when I went to the Sistine chapel it was closing. The previous fury that had subsided returned and I was about to let the ticket person have it when I realized that they were just doing their job I couldn’t take out my anger on them. So naturally, the next best thing was to eat loads of homemade pasta and gelato and I felt better.

In Rome, I also met a ton of amazing people from all over the world who love traveling just as much as I do, or more. People that I hope to see again someday.

Milan on the other hand was where I felt underwhelmed and a little tiny bit disappointed. I’ll spare you all of the details and simply list why.

  1. Where I was, there was mainly shopping and not much else. Not Milan’s fault, but still. And I’d be lying if I said I didn’t blow tons of money shopping there. Put me in a store with cute clothes and I just can’t walk out empty handed.
  2. The majority of the people I met were kinda mean. I got chastised for charging my phone while drinking a hot chocolate. The guy basically said that if I wanted to charge my phone I needed to ask first…. I don’t get what difference it would’ve made but it might just be me think in terms of the US where you just charge your phone anywhere. He made me unplug it AND put the charger away as if I was a child.
  3. Asked for help in a grocery store and actually got “yelled” at and told to figure it out myself.
  4. Finally, I wasn’t treated so nicely in a restaurant I went to for lunch. I was kind of rushed and when I asked to get something to go they told me no…. Weird.

When I went to the airport however, I walked around a bit in an area near the mountains and everyone was supeeerrrrrrrr nice and helpful and chatty. So maybe the people in the city center are like New Yorkers from New York City aka #leavemealoneyoutourist

So in a nutshell… or two, that’s my trip to Italy. I would, and will definitely go back. Even to Milan because I think that a day isn’t enough time to really judge a place or it’s people. And let’s be honest. Nothing on this earth could keep me away from that gelato or that pasta.


Next up: Granada: A place after my own little linguist heart

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